Wednesday, February 23, 2005


My good friend and fellow corp mate, Jack Brimstone, supplied me a brand new Taranis interceptor for 10million. In addition to paying him the 1 million bet he won on the outcome of the corp's internal Frigate fest (Chadwick won) - I also had to shell out on new mods for the inty. All in all, an expensive week for me. Need to make more isk as soon as I can.

Took the inty out for a spin and am impressed with it: handles beautifully though the OS has a few bugs in it. Nothing too serious.

Tested it out by flying out to a field asteroid fields with known Serpentis scum and I blasted three of them on the behest of Charlie Octienne. Need to experiment with the load out but it seems to be ok. Require antimatter rounds in the light ions I think.

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