Monday, March 14, 2005

Changes and AGM

The UAERO factory manager has finally created the Dominix - all we need to do is to sell it. Saturday had Ralus, Lionsan and Biggles do a nine-hour mining session over in Miyeli. They were harassed only briefly by some Sansha Mercs who thought a few miners were easy targets. Between mine and Biggles swarm of medium drones and Ralus' harpy - we were un-molested and skinned most of the sansha. We salvaged what we could from them and went our way.

I think I made over 11 million isk that night - low by some of the standards of other pilots I know, but it is a healthy margin for comparatively safe work.

Had a few cold beers at the CreoDon factory before we all went our separate ways. I was asked by Malnack about setting up a US office of UAERO but it did seem to be almost like an alliance that he was talking about so am sure how successful it would be. Due to this, am holding UAERO's first AGM so this should be good.

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