Sunday, April 10, 2005

Apocalypse Ahoy

The first UAERO Apocalypse class battleship rolled out of the UAERO dockyards at Nalu X. Biggest thing we had every produced and in record time. I ran the mining crews ragged as we stripped mined some asteroid fields while Gamma ran the factories at maximum effeciency. We had to reconfigure some of the space dock facilities to fit the extra long hull super structure but this didn't pose a problem. What did cause me problems was the lack of pyrites and the relative scarcity of it in Amarr space. Galletene space has plagioclase almost everywhere but in Amarr - nothing. Scordite is a good substitute but Plag is better.

No matter - the Apocalypse was produced on time, the customer (a capsuleer captain I know) arrived with a skeleton crew in a number of shuttles. The skeleton crew for even a battleship outnumbered almost everyone working at the space dock!

The proceeds of the sale was put into the corp account after the entire UAERO dockyard crew were given a bonus for their fine work.

Now I have a blue print for a dominix and we might have to get cracking on this one.


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