Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Moon Probes

I spent over 5 million isk on probes last night to finance the use of some discovery probes for Ralus. He is in the system we have tagged as a potential first site for our small corp POS. Should be good and I managed to reconfigure some quick jump routes in and out of the system. My long range scanners picked up a lot of activity in the asteroid fields and while not scanning too deeply , it definetely looked like more True Power goons. Damnnit, are they everywhere? I didn't scan long but they appeared to be in cruisers for the most part.

Might have to bring the BlackStar and my battlecruiser crew to clear out these cyborg goons.

Chrimera is back on the scene - he took his Ferox and a skeleton crew for a long ride into the wild lands and he has come back, his mind clearer and more focused. It is good to see him back.

Next few days will see me supervising a massive mining operation for tritanium and pyrites. I have a ship order from a pilot I know for the awe-inpsiring, Apocalypse. We have a blue print copy of this and Gamma assures me that his dockyard crew is ready to take this mammoth task on. Already the infrastructure is in place, most of the hull now welded on and the electronics installed. Still, it will be a while before the warp engines are installed: there has been a run on some vital engine parts causing us some delay. Still, the buying pilot is willing to wait for this ship. Man, when it rolls out of the UAERO dockyards - it will be the biggest ship we've ever produced. Much bigger than the scorpion that was completed last month.

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