Monday, June 06, 2005


Got hold of a new Thorax - paint was still fresh when it arrived. I quickly refitted it into a close combat beast and armed with blasters and anti-matter hybrid ammunition, I took off to test the ship with a new crew.

The ship performed magnificiently: if the ship got within 1KM of an enemy vessel the blasters and drones tears it apart.

Pushing deeper into low sec space, the ship bumped into a small fleet of Serpentis Sentries: all in similiar Thorax cruisers. They were armed with medium railguns so I knew I had to get up-close and personal to take them out. With a new MWD installed and the firmware improvements lowering the cpu requirements of the MWD, I could get within 2KM before they started firing and by this time - it was too late anyway.

Smashed the small flotilla of two cruisers and four frigates in a little under 2 minutes. Utterly lethal. I haven't even fitted newer, tech 2 blasters either.

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