Monday, October 10, 2005


Been flying the Brutix again - had a second one built for me by Jack B and it seems to be a little bit quicker in the turns but it may be only me. Ralus and Jack have been sparring with each other and they even got a camera crew in to capture the moment. That was fun.

Am spending more time in Pucherie at the moment though the POS continues to grab a fair chunk of my time. The price of hexite continues to drop and now we are faced with having to sell at 2500isk per unit. This was from a high of 4000 isk per unit. UAERO are determined to stay in the POS+Hexite market but man are we being squeezed. Ralus wants to move POS action down to 0.0 and we may petition the ISS for membership. We shall see and I hope we find a moon that produces promethium!


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