Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Operation DrakeTotalHellDeath

The UAERO pilots rendevoused at Friggi in their Drake battlecruisers. It was a sight to see and I am impressed with the ship - so much that I am tempted to get one. I am Caldari BC qualified already but need more time on missiles. ursi

The mission was to tackle a contested gurista area - in Friggi; the Gurista are being bolder and now seem to have a permanent presence in Empire space and thumbing their noses at Caldari authorities to boot. Also, there are strong suspicions that the Guristas have located some new finds (Talocan?) and UAERO are keen to see what they've been up to. Max was made Wing Commander so he could direct the considerable firepower at the enemy. Preliminary scouting information told us that the Guristas had parked a sizeable fleet there made up from warp scrambling frigates to raven-class battleships. Roc located the gate and the fleet jumped into the area - the ancient acceleration gates still working fine after decades of abuse.

Max and Hal arrived first and started to call out targets. The drake fleet (with Kadrak in a T2 kitted Harbringer) started to fling ordnance at the approaching Guristas. I was in my vigilant cruiser and I located the first of many gurista storage domes. I had the new codebreakers installed with a team of hackers fresh from University working on them. Making sure that the engine speed was reduced to match those of my Drake escorts. We proceeded hack into the domes with the Gurista's defences stretched to breaking point all trying to fight off 7 DRAKE class battlecruisers. Superb in my view.

The hacking was successful but the prize was a Caldari Encryption skill book - this was not located but the corp strongly suspects that another pilot, call-sign: 'ShadowStrike' had grabbed it as he followed the UAERO fleet into the same area and took advantage of the chaos.

There was an alarming incident when Kadrak unleashed his medium laser batteries on the vigilant - the entire shield popped and red lights started to flash all over the ship. In the confusion, my corpmate had targetted and hit me. I was frantically calling out to him to stop with him practically pulling the plug on his targetting computer in order to stop the next laser cycle.

The mission was a sucess with no losses on our side and probably over 100 Gurista kills. Next time we should bring in a hauler to salvage the wrecks.

Welcome to 2007 - it's going to be a good year.

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