Sunday, October 21, 2007


The office at Helgatid has been busy in my absence after a two-week vacation to Luminaire. Taking in the sites and sounds of that busy system. Feeling refreshed, I have come back to the corp offices with a dozen evemails flashing for my attention. Top of this was Arzal's decision to move to OMEN, a TRIUMVARIATE corporation. I was not too surprised as UAERO are not a fully-fledged, 24/7 PvP corp and this is what Arzal wanted. Will miss him but I am chuckling as I see his security rating dropping alarmingly!

To corp matters - am going full speed ahead with getting my and the corp standings up high enough to use the level 5 agent in the corp office. Having a L5 agent will allow us to finally unveil our carriers to the world. Am currently at L2 / L3 and as with most low-sec agents - they are quite high quality. However, I suspect that the L5 agent will take me about two months of solid work before he will talk to me. No matter, UAERO are patient.

Have asked (and will announce) Lionsan's role as our mining director. I want him to get into that new Rorqual mining capital ship. That ship looks lovely and the mining fields around Brin and Helgatid and Arnstur look very inviting. Am expecting to see a massive hulking capital ship destroying rocks left, right and centre.

All power to Lionsan!

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CrazyKinux said...

Welcome back, glad to here that the vacation was fun and restful. Luminaire has always a favorite place of mine to unwind and get some R&R.

Looking forward to seeing those carriers! Send us pictures when there completed.