Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Losing the Dom

The Dominix is a mighty ship - even if it looks like an unwieldy clog. It is versatile and one remake itself in a myriad of roles.

I had it as a mega-armour tanked, triple-injected beast. With three (yes three) LARs. I jumped into an angel complex and immediately turned the boat around - needed to get some distance before they started to fire at me. Some of the BCs and other ships were uncomfortably too close.

Then the shooting started and I let loose the drones - carefully targeting the irritating webifier frigates buzzing towards me.

It was the last thing I did as the GUI then froze, my uplink to the camera drones outside was interrupted, all telemetry from the ship disappeared and I feared the worst. A minute later, I was back and in my pod.


Maybe in the brief interruption, the drones accidentally aggro'ed the entire fleet? Even so, I would have hightailed it out of there as I was already aligned.

Dunno, but the introduction of lag certainly did not help me and I sat in the pod sadly looking at the smoldering wreck of 'Storm Bird', my battleship.

Feeling a bit dejected I flew back to Ingunn and docked up and drowned my sorrows.

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