Monday, November 05, 2007

CEO Address

It's been almost three years since I assumed the CEO-ship of UAERO and it has been a wonderful ride. The corp cracked 35 members about three months ago and while we have some members who are now inactive (their roles and permission will be reduced accordingly) - we're a decent medium corporation now and I am proud of each and every one of you.

Anyway, enough of me talking about the past. I am want to look and talk about the future. It looks bright and we're part of it.

OK - here are our goals:
  1. Get our first carriers out and into missions. Target: within two months.
  2. Access our first L5 mission as a corp. Target: within two months.
  3. Get at least two of our corp members into the new capital mining ship. Target: by the end of 2007. Currently Lionsan and Eryrin are aiming for this.
  4. Get all our pilots either Recon or Black Ops or Covert-Ops qualified (preferably all three) - the corp will help with purchasing the necessary skill books. Target: All pilots by end of 2007. Black Ops preferred as we can say bye-bye to gate camps.
  5. Permanent presence at Helgatid - making it our low-sec home. Target: 25% of corp members basing themselves there.
  6. Get some corp members to run missions for ORE (in low-sec) to get hold of the ORE-specific LP rewards. Means a relocation to Outer Ring (unless ORE agents increase in number and location) --> the link is here and scroll down to LP Store Stuff
  7. Devolve all mining operational planning to Lionsan and TFAce to organise and to lead. Target: within two months.
  8. Devolve the L5 mission operational planning to Max and Hal to organise and to lead. Target: within two months
Just eight goals but all achievable.

I want to concentrate on recruitment and strategy and PvP.

Longer term I want to increase our corp membership to 45 and think about joining an alliance where we can have access to 0.0 space but this will be left to the corp to vote on. Too big a decision for one man to do.

So much to do but thanks to each one of you for making things easier and enjoyable, with the new EVE graphic engine about to hit us and LINUX and MAC clients as well as more shiny bits of kit AND me planning to go to EVE Fanfest 2008 AND a few LAN parties round Max's - what is there not to look forward to?

All power to you all.



CrazyKinux said...

Some honourable goals you've got their Votrian. Looking foward to seeing how things go.

So I see we'll need to have a cool Icelandic beverage some time in November '08! Fanfest '08 here we come!

Mingles said...

I was at Fanfest 2006 but decided to miss out this year, going to try FanFest 2008. Would be pleased to have a cold (and expensive) drink with you!