Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Operation Greenhill

We had a small fleet of four, two Drake-class battlecruisers and two Thorax-class cruisers. I had a call from a few agents who wanted UAERO to run a series of missions for them. Three agents and four pod pilots. Sounded like a good match.

We needed to improve our standings with Republic fleet anyways and while the tensions are getting high between the main players, it doesn't show amongst the more practical minded agents who just needed to get the job done. I agree with this sentiment exactly.

So the four ship fleet went out and for a whole day we ran missions for the three agents, soon working up a smooth operation. At times, we had to dodge pirates (or worse) who were out scanning for mission runners like ourselves. We saw snoop and the more accurate fathom probes. However, the firepower of the four ships we had proved to be overwhelming and we lanced through each of the missions in a very short time. Probably too short for a scan prober to get a lock on our ships.

Max had taken some leave back to Saila and to some hidden underwater resort. He is now ex-comms until he resurfaces. Pity as he is our contact for the new agent we have found, a very well regarded individual. Eryrin too had managed to convince another agent of high standing to give him a shot at mission. My Intaki cousin was in his trusty Ishtar class assault cruiser, which lasted all of 30 seconds I was told. Needless to say, he didn't return to the agent and next time, he needs the backup of the corp to make it a success.

The Ark Royal I believe has been commissioned and is ready for a shake down cruise. Hal is the captain and he will prove to be a superb carrier-Captain in time. Right now we need to get the damn thing out into play. Also, the recently published Eve Quarterly Report has made it's way into our hands and it makes fascinating reading for those interested in how New Eden works, economically.

Some interesting bits include there being only 32 pod-pilots that are classed as super-criminal and outlaw. They have a perfect -10.0 under Concord's security level. Additionally, there are another 4,200 criminal pod-pilots. On the other hand, there is one pod-pilot in New Eden with a security rating of +8.5, and only five other pilots with a security rating of +7.0 or higher. What does that tell you? It is easier to be a criminal, an outlaw, a pirate than one of the good guys. Pity that one can not get a big security gain when one pods a criminal, some calculation based on the criminals current rating. A bigger gain for a bigger criminal. Would be a nice addition to a (yet-to-be-announced) revamp to the bounty system.

Raven-class battleships are the most common - I remember when there was a shock announcement when this Caldari behemoth first was made know in New Eden; when it near decimated a Guristas strike force about a decade ago. Now look at it!

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