Monday, April 21, 2008

A new R & D agent

My R &D agents are working hard, they've been keeping me up to date on what progress they've had and most of it has been very positive. Certainly, Doppeuete has been driving his team hard and packing the precious data into datacores and preparing to make them available for me. I wanted to maximise my research and approached a third CreoDron R & D specialist, Clel Sycotonerier who also agreed to work for me. She was not as highly regarded as Doppuette, a fact that irritated her to no end. She got to work on some interesting tangential fields in ship design and I am very eager to see her results.

Am searching for some tools and encryptors now. A quick search on the market showed me what I wanted: 'Incognito Ship Data Interface'. They were multi-use and therefore could be seen as an investment. The price varied from 120million isk to 190million isk, so it was well worth shopping round I think. A saving of 70 million isk will mean that I am more than happy to do a one-hundred jump journey to get the item. Jita was even cheaper with most now around 102 million isk. The beauty and simplicity of the open, capitalist market. Out of interest, I also decided to see how much the results of my research would be on the open market. I was pleasantly surprised, each datacore could be sold onwards to other inventors for anything between 200-500, 000 isk each. Not bad considering I had a couple of prolific agents working for me.

So there is money to be had in R & D and in the components of R & D and not necessarily the end-products in the form of new ships and technologies. Just buying and trading in datacores appears to be an isk making venture. One needs patience I can see that but money can be made.

Anyway, I need to get a data interface in addition to the data cores and I should be in a position to start. Actually, just realised that I need a few more components to complete the picture. I better find them but work calls.

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