Thursday, May 22, 2008

R & D (continued)

OK - back to some more R & D as my agents have been demanding attention from me, I have been out in low-sec space for the past month and since I had some of the top people in Creodron working for me, it was not a good idea to leave them for too long.

Doppepuette Ciete has been driving his team hard but the results have been pouring out, all then packed into information-dense data-cores and available for my further use. Roomfennan is heading up my mechanical engineering team and the results have been a lot slower. Her project management skills are not as sharp as Doppepuette and the results show. However, mechanical engineering results are hard to come by and I am thankful for whatever she can give me. My third R & D agent is Clel Sycotonerier (pictured), rated as number two to Doppepuette in the Gallantean Starship Engineering field and she's driving her team hard to close the gap.

Now what does this mean for me? I mentioned that I needed to get into inventions and the potential is almost limitless. However, I need interfaces and decryptors.

The Interface is an item with unlimited use and since I am interested inventing Gallentean ships, then the interface I need is the 'Incognito Data Interface'. The other interface types are in this table:

Race: Gallente

Name Used on
Incognito Data Interface Ships
Incognito Data Interface Ship Equipment
Inognito Tuner Data Interface Rigs

The cost of the interface is around 93million in Jita.

A decent investment? Well, you need it to invent so I have to swallow my fear and part with the iskies.

Hmm however, I also realised that I should also look into decryptors. One time use items that modify the stats of invented blueprints in certain ways. They appear to vary greatly in cost but Jita is the place to go. They affect four stats: the chance of a successful invention, the final material efficiency (ME), the final production efficiency (PE) and the number of runs you can get from the end result. The base ME and PE of any invention job is a default -4 (negative four), the following show the modification to that number. So a job done with the War Strategon will come out with ME: -7 PE: -2.

The chance is the only thing that is different from any other bpc. It is exactly like it sounds, the higher the better. The best a decryptor can do is add 30%; the worst is make it 60% less likely. Once again, these are destroyed no matter the outcome of the job. The following is a chart the decryptors in game. Note they are located under the respective pirate faction on the market place: Amarr is Bloodraider, Caldari is Gurista, Gallente is Serpentis and Minmatar is Angel.

Stolen formulas is the best item but quite expensive. The other items, cheaper and probably more readul

Name Chance ME PE Runs
Stolen Formulas 1.8 -1 2 4
Test Reports 1.2 2 5 1
Collision Measurements 1.1 3 3 0
Engagement Plan 1.0 1 4 2
Symbiotic Figures 0.6 -2 1 9


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