Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Eden PodCasts

Been a fan of podcasts ever since I managed to get this small device called an iPOD, a few years ago. I got a new iPOD and with the new iTunes, I started to trawl through all the available New Eden related podcasts available.

The first one is (or was) for me, was EVE-Network News, the URL now doesn't lead to anything useful but EVE-NN was hosted by Acix Reborn and the ever-controversial, Blackhole Bob. From what I recall, there were about half a dozen pod casts before it ended. The shows were fun and I loved the idea of them bringing in various pod pilots via Skype. The quality of the production was quite good and the website itself had a live web-cam and chat client available so pod pilots could chat away to the two hosts as the show was being put together. Very cool but I can't even locate any archive sites with the podcasts there.

'Podded' was a news, interviews and debates summary podcast that I found very useful. It lasted only a dozen shows but I loved it. The site is still live and you can grab the podcasts off it.

The above two are defunct but currently, there are a few podcasts that I subscribe to. They are:

Warp Drive Active - Winterblink and Urban Mongral prove to be two very funny and effective hosts. Winterblink especially, he does have a radio-voice. Both keep the conversation flowing and moving and WDA covers daily comings and goings within New Eden. They are going strong and I am a regular subscriber. I recommend it. Most shows are 60-odd minutes in length.

Drone Bay - an offering from the VirginWorlds MMO Podcast Collective. A stable of podcasts that cover a plethora of pod casts from the MMORPG world. The hosts are CrazyKinux, Crovan and Alsedrech, three great hosts. Knowledgeable and easy going. Every week they explore different aspects of this New Eden by providing podpilots with guides, tutorials, how-tos and everything else that may help . This show is for new pilots and veterans alike. Their thrust is a bit different from WDA and makes a nice complement to anyone's collection.

WDA: Industry. A spin-off from WDA and has it's focus on the financial and industrial side of things. Very interesting as it features quite in-depth features on pod-pilot created Banks and other financial vehicles. The hosts Benilopax and Lavista Vista. For those with an interest in all things isk and banking, give this pod cast a shout (or listen) - they've have 3 podcasts right now.

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