Friday, July 25, 2008

Faction Warfare - Federal Defence Union

It's finally happened.

The Podpilots have been pulled into the Empire wars through the raising of 'militias'. Those involved are proxies for each Empire's desire for war and vengance who are nonetheless hesistant in wanting to continue the fight within Empire space. Instead, the war now has spilled out into the wilder reaches of low-security space - the crazy buffer zone between the Empire and the lawless null-sec. Each of the four empires has one militia now.

Tribal Liberation Force now pulls in all Minnie-aligned pod pilots facing off against the Amarr's 24th Imperial Crusade. My beloved Gallente have answered a call to arms through the establishment of the Federal Defence Union, who would be marching against the Caldari's State Protectorate. However, in all militias, there are pod pilots from all other races mixed in - it's just not limited to the individual races. I don't have any information on the break down but I do know that there are a fair few Caldari fighting for the FDU and an equal amount of (misguided) Gallente flying under the State Protectorate.

Interestingly, the capsuleer alliances based out in 0.0 are not getting directly involved even if their help would be welcome. I am referring specifically to Electus Matari and CVA - both are tightly aligned to the Minmater and Amarr empires and have largely carried the Empire fight into low-sec and some 0.0 and I would have expected each empire to welcome some battle-hardened pod pilot alliance onto their side. However, no. That's not the case. Diplomatic efforts are ongoing but am unsure how this will pan out.


CrazyKinux said...

Good luck in these dangerous times mate. Looking forward to seeing some great in-battle screenshots!

Tom Hoffman said...

My corp tried to support Minmatar FW as part of Ushra'Khan, but it was really unsatisfying, since the militia rabble could and would shoot us, and because one of the Minnie FW corps war decced us. So for the moment our corp is in the TLF, but we'll be switching back to U'K when we get bored with it.

But my experience was that CCP successfully made FW warfare un-fun and un-interesting for 0.0 alliances.

Anonymous said...

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