Friday, August 08, 2008

Sneaky Salvager

On my way to another site, loaded down with exploration probes. I came across a wrecked tech 2 ship - the owner now nowhere to be seen. I quickly decloaked, looted the wreck and salvaged some goodies from it.

Then I recloaked and was on my way.

Need to check the price on this and I have picked up a fair amount of tech 2 salvage too in my travels.
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Ombey said...

It's little gems like that happening that make Eve such a fun place to be.

I'll always remember when i was but a raw noob, I was pottering around Ebodold, a low-sec system in Heimatar, when I came across a wreck in a belt with 5 inert Harvester Mining drones. At the time they were worth a LOT of money to a nubbin like me!!

Flashfresh said...

Nice find there V. Looked like a T2 Minnie AF or Interdictor?

Anonymous said...

Nice find. Looks like someone lost a Wolf :)

Mynxee said...

Good find! I always swap the cloak for a salvager if my explo alt is just wandering around high sec...for exactly this kind of opportunity. It's amazing how much valuable stuff she finds left lying around in space...for example, millions of ISK worth of T2 and logistics drones from completed/despawned mission and cosmic anomaly sites, for one thing.

CrazyKinux said...

Nice little find there! Can I get the Auto Cannons? Please!!!