Monday, September 29, 2008

R & D Part IV

It was with some excitement and worry when I arrived at the Croleur station. As I undocked, I made sure that I had all the items that I needed to kick off the research into a Kronos blue print. The R&D staff were very helpful and assisted my transfer of the items into the appropriate location. I checked and confirmed the following:

x1 3-run Megathron BPC,
x1 Stolen Formulas,
x35 Galletean Starship Engineering Datacores,
x35 Mechanical Engineering Datacores,
x1 Bucket of luck,

I entered them all into the drop down menus, all were correctly populated except the 'base item' - for a job like this should I have included a base item?

A final check and then, I hit the enter button. The station computer took a few seconds to check and digest the information and then it proceed to unpack the datacores and proceed with the work. I have no idea how the process works: for all I know they might have an army of slaved brains or hamsters or something working away but I was quickly informed that the results of the invention would be available in three-days time.

With a flutter in my stomach, I sat back and thought about the riches I could pull in if the kronos BPC was invented. I had did everything right: getting the stolen formulas had cost me a arm and a leg but I wanted to ensure maximum chances of success. However, the ultimate result is down to fate. So all I could do was to sit back and wait.

I also grabbed a few more items and since I was at Croleur, I wanted to take on the excellent facilities there and gathered the necessary items to invent a CLAW and a CROW blue print. Two deadly interceptors. At this moment in time, am just curious about the process. I have no idea if the claw-class and crow-class interceptors can sell once manufactured. I don't even know the base price of them!

Ah, the fun of R & D and manufacture.

Anyway, I will report back in three to four days.

Fingers crossed.


Bri said...

oh, thank you for putting a star by my blog! i just noticed that. :P

i've been doing a lot of ship invention with my alt having level V skills, which i found to help immensely in invention chances. no need for base items in ship inventions. also, frigates are far easier to invent than battleships - good luck!

Flashfresh said...

V my friend, when you get those broadswords invented; I will be beating a path to your door!


Anonymous said...

Invent faster !!!

(I did not know R&D could be exiting!)

Francisca Raelora said...

A base item only affects an invention job if the base item's meta level is greater than 0. Since T1 ships are all meta level 0, using a base item ship is a waste of a ship. If you are inventing modules, you could possibly use higher level meta items. ML1 boosts the chance by 2.1%, ML2 by 5.6%, ML3 by 12.6%, and ML4 by 33.6%. You do need to decide if its cost effective to use them though.

Also I noticed you used a 3-run BPC. For ships, you never need to use more than a 1-run BPC. When inventing T2 ship BPCs, the invented BPC will only be a 1-run BPC (not including decryptor adjustments) so anything more than 1 run on the T1 BPC is not needed.

A great invention calculator: The rest of his site is pretty damn good.

Overall invention guide: The Advanced Topics page has some good formulas if you're interested.

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