Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phobos result!

A result
Well, it was with some trepidation that I approached the CreoDron R & D station. I docked up and transferred to the sleek, whispering mono-rail, it whisked me to my destination, smooth and easily.

The results of my invention run were ready to be processed and one does not know how successful you are until the job is delivered and the results carefully analysed. Now, I am very sure that my data cores have been top notch. I have the top two CreoDron StarShip R & D agents working day and night for me.

A white coated laboratory assistance approached me.

"Would Sir like a drink?"

"No thank you. I would like to proceed directly to the lab results processing room please."

"Certainly Sir. If you would so kind as to follow me?" He led the way to a small room, crammed full of blinking monitors with a single comfortable chair.

I sat down and accessed the interface. The same feeling of nervous anticipation and possible disappointment flowed through me.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I asked for the results to be processed. The message notification filled me with joy.

'Great New! You were successful in producing a new tech II blueprint! Blueprint details include: Type: PHOBOS. Number of Runs: 1

Salvaging and loot

It is interesting that taking items from a destroyed wreck will flag you as a temporary target to the 'owner' of the destroyed wreck but one can salvage the wreck for spare parts and not get flagged. I took advantage of this last night as I went on a salvage hunt for the rigs that I had to make. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that I had. I made sure that I left the contents of the wrecks untouched, just focusing on wrecks themselves.

I can see how this way of acquiring goods might prove to be quite lucrative. Flashfresh has pointed me to the corp called 'Suddenly Ninjas' who does more or less the same thing but on a much bigger scale.


Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill said...

COngrats on the invention success.

*Notices his blog has no asterisk*

I mean, phooey on you! Curses! I hope your BPC melts!


Anonymous said...

Invention success!!! Way to go mate!!!

Votrian said...

@Kirith: sorry matey! Need to go through as there's a fair few blogs that have been inactive.


Flashfresh said...

V - ninja looting is fine; I know you want to!

Congrats on the invention success; am waiting for that Broadsword BPC that I know you have cooking....


Mynxee said...

Shiny invention results! Congrats on that one.