Monday, December 08, 2008

Whatever happened to salvaging?

Lionsan has come back onto the scene and we had a good chat on what the direction the corp should be heading in the next few months. I have been doing solo work for much of this year and thoroughly enjoying it. However, it is a dog-eat-dog world out there in New Eden and even in normally safe Empire space; there's conflicts. The plans we have sound exciting and should yield much fun and isk.

I have been scanning and salvaging the hundreds of wrecks that litter the depths of space around Dodixie. The income isn't brilliant but steady and I need them for the rigs that I build. There is an odd loophole in the CONCORD law. While one can destroy the numerous ships belonging to the Angel Cartel, Serpentis, Guristas, EoM and Coreli to name four; the resulting wrecks do NOT belong to the you. The items inside the remains of the destroyed ships do belong to whoever killed them but not the wreck itself. The wreck is available to any pilot who can find them.

Some of the wrecks are full (of junk most of the time) and grabbing this junk is counted as stealing under the laws of CONCORD and therefore the owner of the junk items in the wreck, sees you as a criminal for a limited time. Therefore, one could be fired upon and CONCORD would not rush to my rescue, if some of said items appeared one's cargo hold.

Of course, this sets up a situation where one might want to get flagged and get shot at. One can then respond in kind and CONCORD will regard the pew-pew as entirely legitimate between the two (or more) assailants. This is a technique used by many to initiate conflict and confrontation within set parameters. So if I see someone come into my mission area in a megathron and he starts to take items from my wrecks - am sure he is trying to goad me into a fight.

Anyway, the shoe is on the other foot now for Lionsan and I were in Dodixie. I was the scanner and he was the salvager. My helios whipped into a scan spot and I dropped a fathom probe. My overview had hundreds of wrecks and I was determined to find some. My probe got a hit on the first attempt; several high probabilty hits in fact and I deduced that half were crowding around the station around Planet IX, a few were passing through the nearby star gate but three hits were out in the middle of nowhere and therefore, offered the best chance.

Most of the pilots left the junk behind them and we grabbed all that we could; some stayed behind and Lionsan just ignored them and powered past them in a rush to grab the salvage. Some were salvaging at the same time and seeing Lionsan in local, promptly started to destroy the wrecks, denying my colleague the spoils. At no point did Lionsan criminally flag himself to anyone; he enjoyed it nonetheless and the hangars are slowly filling up with parts for rigs.

Secretly, I think Lionsan wants to get himself flagged so he can shoot people. I would urge him to follow me to low-sec; where the rules are a bit looser.

Time to drop another probe.


Flashfresh said...

V - you old Dog. You know you want to turn to the darkside. You know you want to.....


Sered said...

Can you warp into a deadspace area when a mission is not yet completed? You'd have to fleet with the mission running pilot, I'd think?

Btw, I did a bit of salvaging like this too, in a heavily mined 0.5 system. Most miners would kill rats, but leave the wrecks. I took in a lot of cash by just salvaging those.

Jason said...

@Sered: Nope, not at all. Mission Deadspace isn't locked to anyone, it's just somewhat hard to find given that you have to scan down the pocket. If that's not a hurdle, then it's easy as pie.

On salvaging in the middle of an active mission though, boo on you, pirate. Ninja Salvage isn't kosher IMO.

Votrian said...

@Sered - the signature of the ships is quite small but with some luck and skill you can get in.

@Jason - yeah, it is a clear line and we crossed it. We didn't steal the loot but one two occasions, we did go in and grab the wrecks while the other salvager was working. Most of the time, the wrecks are left behind.

Dee Carson said...

You've been tagged!

Godlesswanderer said...

And you've been tagged by me too! :)