Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A promotion and defensive work

My rise in the Federal Defence Union has been relatively quick; my efforts and those of Lionsan and Wu Han in securing vulnerable Gallente systems have been recognised by the Gallenete Nation generally and the FDU specifically. No idea whether this rank allows me to order people around but it is a nice rank pin on my uniform.

In Gallente systems, it has allowed me to consume many a free drink and the prevailing of good company. The war isn't going too well however in terms of territory: the Caldari State Protectorate have retaken back the systems in Black Rise that fell to us; undoing the excellent work of FOOM. Squiddies are also grabbing system after system and the worst thing: most of the Gallente aren't bothered and this to me is disturbing.

The squiddies seem to like to take and hold territory, preferring to pit their capsuleer strength against the Gallente Navy. Slowly, this method of encroaching on territory, battling the navy, breaking the system and securing it (known as 'plexing') has garnered them some momentum.

The Gallente capsuleers are forever seeking our PvP opportunities, preferring to destroy their Caldari counterparts in pitched fights and not (it appears) interested in defending our own systems let alone taking enemy territory. This PvP bent has resulted in a very impressive Kill/Loss ratio against the Squiddies, even more impressive if one is taking into account the numerically inferior Gallente versus the almost swarm-like Squiddies. However; the danger of losing territory is becoming apparent to most of the FDU rank and file now. FOOM has left Black Rise to assist in defending Gallente space and with their departure, the vaccum up in Black Rise was not filled in. A day of infamy ensued when the squiddies took back 95% of their lost system in a single day.

So my work, as of late, has been spent securing Gallente systems in the Placid region that are classed as 'contested'. A single ship and pod pilot has the power to swing the fortune of an entire constellation - heady stuff indeed.

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Kirith Kodachi said...

Congratulations on the promotion.

Its unfortunate that the fascists are making progress in the war, but their self-consuming culture will be the end of them yet. Stand fast good soldier.