Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is IT?

Finally with some time to update this blog. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth but the last three months in New Eden has been very busy with change upon change. I joined Dark-Rising when I was with the Federal Defence Union and followed DR into Minmatar space and fought alongside the Matari against yet another bunch of fascists, the Amarr.

It went well but the corp had ideas and ambitions beyond just fighting for bunkers and factional warfare and with some secrecy, we were ordered to liquidate as much of our assets as possible and have big, fat wallets and make ready for a trip.

The relocation to Stain was leaked to the various forums but DR arrived into Stain and immediately started hostile actions against Brick-Squad. Most of us had thought that DR would be here to stay in Stain and there was much rejoicing.

Below I include the various jottings during this time, it was never released to the blog but here it is:

The blog has been quiet for a number of reasons of security: Dark-Rising left Faction Warfare and we were sworn to secrecy about our relocation and the organising around it. Suffice it to say, DR along with Rekeiko (RKK) left Minmater space and relocated to Stain. The movement of our ships and equipment was done with as much secrecy as possible using jump freighters from corporations not aligned with DR or RKK. One cannot underestimate the effort that the logistic team in moving millions of tonnes of equipment halfway around the universe.

The journey started with an order by Mitch Taylor to liquidate as much of our assets for isk. We were told to have fat wallets and skinny hangars. It was a good opportunity for spring cleaning and after a semi-fire sale (where most things had to go); I convened at Dabrid as ordered and waited for the first of many titan bridges to Stain.

On the day of the operation, DR pilots gathered together and waited. RKK would be performing the titan bridges and when the Erebus-class titan arrived most of the chatter on the comms went quiet. While the titan class was now a regular feature of most null-sec alliances; it was still something else to see such a magnificient vessel up front and close. Awe-inspiring.

The plan was for Dianabolic in his Erebus Titan to jump bridge us into a target system and then a final jump. However, there was a problem and eventually, the FC decided that the fleet of 60-odd ships was to travel towards 5-J in Stain, through the traditional method. It would be 58 jumps.

So we jumped and jumped; with scouts racing ahead and skirmishers on either side and behind the main fleet - the armada moved steadily through Empire space, then we bade a farewell to Concord and raced through low-sec. Another dozen or so jumps later; low-sec was waved a fond good-bye and we were in null-sec space. Vast, sprawling and lawless. Opportunities await. We still had to keep radio silence for the time being but we got stuck into this particular corner of the galaxy. Fights with BrickSquad and their friends started immediately. We were given a target system to take and we marshalled our resources as best as we could. It looked like a long-term home for us and we all made ready to stay.

However, we were wrong about the long-term stay. In the background, the scattered remnants of BoB/Kenzoku were coalescing and DR has a long history with RKK, one of the founders of BoB/KenZoku alliance. It was with some surprise that a little over two months later, we were given an update: DR was joining up with a new alliance. It had no name nor did we have any idea who were the members but in the following weeks, it was becoming obvious who the other members were. The alliance was christened 'IT' with a sinister looking clown(s) as our motif. i was initiailly unsure whether being associated with clowns is a good idea but with the rebranding and the lovely, eye-catching imagery - most of DR embraced IT.

IT alliance was born and counted Viborg Odyssey, Evolution, Dark-Rising, The Executives (the core from Executive Outcomes) & x13. RKK also joined and it began to look like BoB was back. A quick glance and the alliance pilot total was quite an impressive number - we've become a medium sized alliance quite quickly.

So, the last few missions I had to jump clone back down to Empire to assist with the new alliance mates in removing some troublesome POS. Our orders are to remain in Stain for the time being but there's a strong feeling that the alliance is building up its resources and energies for 'something'. Thank Goodness for jump clones...

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