Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The War Part One

Been on a couple of alliance operations now with IT alliance and it's been fun, informative and at times, exhilarating and boring. Sometimes, all at the same time.

Have refitted most of my ships according to the alliance setups and I am joining in with as many operations as I can, there are daily operations across most time zones. It is clear that IT alliance has the Goons and Pandemic Legion in their sights and they've been attacking the high-end R64 moons of both these alliance over the last couple of weeks. Since I am not a dread pilot (am a carrier pilot, minus a carrier!) - I have been placed either in the heavy or light support gangs.

In one mission, I was in a close-range thorax and we went deep into enemy territory, harassing enemy shipping and having a blast but only for it to end when the FC warped the fleet into the welcome embrace of a station complete with a bubble and dozens and dozens of angry battle ships. I managed to escape but one third of the fleet did not.

A second operation had me in a fleet-fit brutix and we engaged a large Agony Unleashed gang - it was the third such engagement I believe and we eventually held the field.

Anyway, it is 11/11 and I will take a minutes silence in respect.

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