Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fountain and Beyond

Due to operational security and the need to keep on top of various operations etc; I have been unable to post regularly. Nonetheless, with Fountain now more or less secure - I feel that I have more room to breath and therefore to post an update.

Since late November 2009; IT Alliance had targeted the Fountain region and engaged with the residents and their pets, namely Pandemic Legion and Sons of Tangra. There were lots of alarm clock ops due to time zone differences but the IT alliance steam rolled in.

PL and SOT provided a limited and at times, spirited defence but it was to no avail. IT Alliance was too much and too often. Assumed help from the Goons was not forthcoming and PL/SOT died. Of course, the usual forum shenanigans occurred where PL then said that IT would die horribly but had to hastily backtrack as system after system fell. Lots of tears and rage was to be had.

Anyway, it was fun if not a little exhausting.

I was simply a ship of the line captain in this entire time; flying the megathron as per standing orders and really enjoying it.

Once Fountain fell, it was time to consolidate and at the time of writing, systems are being parcelled out each of the main corps in IT Alliance. Dark-Rising has a nice couple of systems where we will call home and some awesome ratting areas too.

Of course, the drums of war continued to pound and most people assumed that we would turn our attention to Delve. -AAA- and friends had already sent in forces to contest the Goons for control and IT were asked to assist. So this week, I got titan bridged into 49-U in Querious (not Delve!) and got lost in the mayhem of the 1500+ pilots in the system.

I managed to get into a friendly POS and sat there until last night when Mitch Taylor organised us into a fleet and directed us out towards Sakht. IT alliance are not going for Delve at the moment; there's a lot of consolidation required in Fountain as well as taking a break. However, the attack by AAA and allies into Delve and Querious had presented a unique opportunity to us so we took it. Anyway, the node died and despite some frantic efforts by AAA to anchor a SBU, it failed. So, I was left there in 49-U until we could leave and that was with Mitch Taylor. Unfortunately, as I was literally only 500 metres from activating the Sahkt gate, after a 17+ jump journey from 49-U, a hostile bomber force came in and unloaded on us. I and a few others lost our ships and pods just metres from being able to jump.

Am now in Serpentis Prime and looking to move more of my assets to our new home. Am sure that eventually, we'll be back in Delve and Querious soon.

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