Monday, May 12, 2008

The Serenity of Mining

Some more mining tonight. Mining is a very serene occupation, almost hypnotic. The UAERO corporation is running low on pyrites, a common mineral found in most asteroids. We've been very busy, industrial-wise as our markets have been busy. The haul was excellent and I continued to add to it the next day. Eryrin arrived in his hulk to add more Omber to the haul, good job!

On the R & D front, I have located a seller of decryptors and had just discovered some 'augmented' and 'integrated' drones. That is so interesting and a little bit of digging has revealed that these are drones with (illegal) rogue drone AI and rogue drone components added to it.


Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

What is your general strategy in mining?
For example, what ship do you fly?
What security status sector do you go to?
Do you mine out of the way from others or in more popular systems?
Do you mine alone or with others?
If alone, are there pirate NPC's to deal with? If so do you outfit your ship full on mining or put in some weapons or drones/shields?
Do you mine into a 'jetcan' that can be stolen or do you you use Giant Secure Containers?
If containers do you use several?
Do you tractor beam them in to be closer?
If you use the giant secure containers do you have to bring them with your hauler, drop them off, anchor them, then go get more?
Am I asking too many questions? (I am new to eve)

Unknown said...

That's a lot of questions.

There are cruisers (like the Caldari Osprey) that get bonuses for mining and can mine quite quickly. The next step up is Mining Barges. Barges are great for many reasons (too many to list here). The next step up from that is Exhumers, which are tech 2 barges (they are the king of mining). Some people also use battleships for mining, but that's really a last resort in most cases.

I prefer not to mine in a busy system. There are many dead end systems, some without an NPC station, that tend to have better asteroid belts and are usually empty of ore thieves. Mining alone in high-sec is fine, but having two or three miners and one hauler is a lot better.

There are always random NPC pirate (or Rat) spawns in asteroid belts. The rats get harder in lower security systems. An Osprey, mining barge, or exhumer fitted with a very small tank and some combat drones should be fine by itself in high-sec belts. Still, going AFK in Eve is never a good idea. Just make sure your tank and drone type matches the type of rats in the belt. Each region of Eve has a particular type of rat spawn. Look them up to find the correct damage/tank types. (never use mining drones)

Unless you are flying a Hulk or Covetor with cargo expanders, just use jet cans and run back with a hauler after you get a couple loads worth of ore. If someone steals some ore, then oh well. It's just ore. Don't get all excited and get yourself killed trying to fight them over a little can of ore. If all else fails, just destroy your own can so they can't steal it. :)

Never use secure containers. Since you can't anchor a secure container near any other object and you can't tractor them, they are a huge pain in the tail. Especially since they don't hold much.

Jet cans will last more than one hour (usually two, but it varries slightly), so I rename my jet cans with a time stamp of the Eve time I created them. When mining in the Hulk, I will fill up three or four jet cans before making a hauling run.

Hope that helps.

There's an excellent mining guide that will tell you all you need to know about mining. Search for it on the Eve website.

Robert said...

Thank you very much Swift Voyager! :)

Anonymous said...

No, you're not asking too many questions and thanks to Swift (once again) in jumping in with concise replies.

I can only add that in empire space, me and my crew use Mining barges and in low-sec we also using mining barges but have scouts in neighbouring systems to keep an eye out on peeps. Also, when you get a mission from an agent; some mission areas actually have asteroids in them. Pause in your mission running and break out the mining lasers. Finally, you can always find 'hidden' asteroid belts that contain rarer asteroids. Have a look at my post on exploration.

Hit me up ingame if you have any questions.


Unknown said...

There's a good guide for using probes here:

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