Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back to mining

Mining is fun, very serene and relaxing. The recent copy of E-ON had a nice article about mining and while New Eden is a PvP game, there is still much room to work on the coal face, so to speak. For one thing, the corp ore hoppers are in danger of running low once more after the last batch of ammunition was stamped out and sold for a tidy profit. So I worked solo for two nights in the retriever and managed to get a respectable amount of ore (mainly Omber) back into the mining hangar.

During my trip, I had also neglected some of my R & D agents for too long and they were clamouring to get back to some real work as many of their research had reached significant milestones and needed me to sign them off before the next tranche of work could be started. Project management indeed. I checked the data cores and I was very pleased to see the amount of work they had put in. In light of this, I made some enquiries and obtained a data interface, at 65% of market price; thanks to a friend. Am going over there later tonight to see what's up.

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