Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joining the Militia

Been keeping up to date with the faction warfare currently burning brightly around New Eden; it was bound to happen - the pod pilot community has now been pulled into the destructive orbit of the four empires and the lines have been drawn. Gallente and Minmater are standing against the Caldari and Amarr factions. The latter two working together more efficiently than the Gallente and Minmater.

My corporation mates, those now back and linking back in, have been experiencing FW but now want us to plunge into the fray. I have been busy in low-sec and I am hesitant to coming back into Empire and worse, into an essentially, Empire war spilling out into some neighbouring low-sec space.

Sometimes, I want to undock and travel unseen and unobserved around New Eden. A bit difficult if as soon as I enter, Caldari and Amarr FW pilots will spot me and come after me. Especially around Jita. Of course, no space is safe - not even in high security space but I don't want to expose myself further than is necessary.

It's been a tough decision but I am going to sign up with the Gallente Militia soon and fight for what I believe is right. With the convulsions between the Empires, I have watched with growing alarm at the lurch to the extreme right of the Caldari state and the rise (and rise) of Tibus Heth. The joining up with the Amarr militia has further alienated the Caldari state from me. While I am a keen follower of politics, I have always respected the Caldari state for it's business-like approach and the presence of decent individuals like Otro Gariushi. It's good to see that many Caldari born pod pilots are also fighting for the Gallente Militia.

The move means that I have to leave the CEO position of Union Aerospace Corporation to my friend Gamma and move across to a dedicated Gallente Militia corporation: The Water Margin. It's run by a friend of mine and with Lionsan and TFAce all itching to do 'their bit' in the war; it's foolish for me to prevent my two dear friends from following what their conscience dictates. The other corporation pilots such as Hal and Max and Eryrin are currently staying in UAERO and I hope that they go from strength to strength. They may even come on over and join us.

They may not.

However, I am excited over the move - fighting in low-sec has been for selfish reasons: protecting my own assets, securing a hidden belt of ore etc. Joining up with The Water Margin, means that for the first time, I am setting aside the selfish reasons and doing something much, much bigger than myself as an individual.


Anonymous said...

I shall face you in combat! My corporation is entering FW on the side of the Caldri!

Anonymous said...

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