Thursday, May 06, 2010

NC and SC

The war versus the Northern Coalition (NC) started off well but then ground down to a slog. I was now based in X-7 and it appears that after a month, we made gains in terms of enemy POS towers killed but hadn't really moved out of X-7. The timezone for these operations is mainly US based so I am at work or asleep when the majority of operations are called. Still, like everyone else in IT, we're in it for the long run. Dark-Rising was informed that we would be at the front line for 12 months or more so we better get stuck in.

However, Pandemic Legion (PL) - after we kicked them out of fountain is now back harassing our space and Molle has ordered jump clones to be placed back in Delve / Fountain to allow us to respond properly to the PL attacks. Most of my main combat ships are now in X-7 as per orders so all I have is a HAC and a few other recons.


Anonymous said...

It seems this purging of the NC wasn't planned out properly.

The tactic don't take space just obliterate them has failed before.

But as long as you keep the NC busy whether you're loosing or winning I'm happy :)

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