Friday, May 14, 2010

Retreat from H-W

After losing my megathron, I raced back to X-7 to ship up but was then ordered to stand-down. The NC had rammed a massive number of pilots into the system and it made it impossible to log into the system. Over time, our beach-head POS towers were taken down one by one as well as losing a number of capitals as SirMolle ordered a breakout.

On a wider front, our allies had taken advantage of NC's home defence (distraction) by grabbing some other systems but the prize was going to be H-W as that was NC's staging system. Something tells me that they're not too bothered (yet) about the other losses.

Am back at X-7, morale is still high though most of us are bruised and battered. We're all eager to go in once more and after a few days, am sure I will.

Let's go.


Flashfresh said...

Gotten beat huh V?

Anonymous said...

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