Friday, April 04, 2014

A re-birth of sorts

Been hibernating for a while but decided to re-engage and get back to being a capsuleer after an old friend from my days in Union Aerospace (UAERO) came back and asked if I could help with some hauling. I have been planet-bound for the last four years, having switched spaceships for mechanised robots (mechs) but once a pod pilot, always a pod pilot.

Since this was an old friend of mine, I said yes and with some excitement docked up at the nearest space station and shuttled to some old familiar haunts. I found that my hangars were still full, no-one had looted anything and that I was the sole holder of all the assets of the corporation.

I grabbed a ship, made sure it's engines and fuel were still viable and undocked.

That was it. I was now back in the black and what a thrill it was. There's been a massive improvement in the interface between the pod and the ship. As ever, there are new ships, new rules of engagement and new actors in all areas. However, just the simple joy of flying through space and drinking in the vistas of distant galaxies, gas clouds and jewel-like stars hanging in the night sky is intoxicating enough.

Should never have left though I did have the hindsight to keep my pilot's license active.

The corporation is slowly reviving as my mate, Walter Purple has brought in two more pals: Ian Beany and Varnock Black. I remember the original UAERO starting early with only two of us and we became one of the first corporations to build and field a carrier - as well as being one of the first ones to lose a carrier as well!

Right now, the plans for the re-awakening corporation is for short term plans: get our consumables sorted out, agents running and missions under our belts. Already, we're easily completing L4 missions as a group.

Good times for sure, I am now sure they are back.

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Welcome back! Keep posting.