Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Goddamn it!!

Lost the Endeavour V last night. All my crew survived but damnit all the same. Was in bound to Nalu with my precious cargo: 4500 Zyd, 700 Mega, Scorpion Blueprint and other bits. I was carrying almost 12million isk worth of materials.

As I arrived at the Jarzalad system and was preparing to jump to the Jarshitan system, some goons from Sansha jumped us. Three of them in their frigates - no problem, my crew got the shields up and we retaliated with the medium smartbomb. We took two of the three Sansha's down and just as the third was about to make a run for it - another capsule pilot warped in and either his nav computer was off or he was plain careless but he came too close to me and got a bit of the smartbomb blast. I didn't even get a chance to warn him when his automatic alerts sent a distress message to Concord and the automated guns turned on the iteron and pounded it to scrap. I had less than 10 seconds to evac the crew before punching out myself. All my cargo.....

Seething I arrived at the nearest station and checked that the crew got out ok. They were shocked but unhurt. With Concord still pissed at me - i couldn't go out to collect what cargo was left. So I made a call to a friend of mine, Bison Gras who was currently resting at Nalu.

Luckily, Bison didn't have any jobs and quickly rushed (well ambled) over the four jumps to my Iteron's last known occasion. He was immediately set upon by more Sansha - no doubt poking around the remains of my ship. Bison managed to fight his way to the wreckage, he was armed with a 75mm rail but he is handy with it.

The Gods were smiling on me as the Zyd and Blueprint was still safely tucked inside the secure can. At least I had the brains to place them inside a secure can for safe keeping. Bison grabbed what he could and warped back to Nalu.

I lost the Iteron that night and four of my crew quit the group and joined up with another crew heading out to the rim. Finally got into Nalu five hours later and checked the cargo. I lost all the mods on the Endeavour V - except one Alpha Hull Conversion. That's around 10 million isk worth of modules.


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