Friday, March 25, 2005


Love this Brutix - it has some quirks but after losing the Endeavour with all it's lovely cargo expanders I really wanted to shoot something. Once I got back to Nalu with the crew we rested up and then grabbed a shuttle to Nadohman where we jumped into the older Endeavour III, our old Iteron III hauler. It was a bit neglected as it was sitting in the Nadohman docks collecting dust. Still the warp drives came online straight away and Jazz my engineer told me that the main engines had been recently serviced. Not bad.

We completed the 13 jump journey back to Algogille in record time. Forgot how quick the Iteron III series of haulers are. The afterburner Jazz installed certainly made a huge difference.

Once I returned to Algogille, Pomedour Eyl paged me. He's a Fed Navy agent of mine, and he heard I was back in system. He had a most interesting offer for me: tracking down some illegal bio-hazardous materials that had got into the system. Ideal mission for me to take out the Blackstar for a spin.

The Brutix had been tuned to take less cap now and Jazz had insisted on fitting new railguns to it. Most of the crew took up their positions and we set off. There were several missions and the Blackstar certainly performed beautifully and the ship hasn't even been run in yet. I am expecting great things from this battlecruiser.

Stopping a major terrorist event was a good thing too and now am on my way back to Nalu in Endeavour IV - my second Iteron V. Jazz had to stay over in Algogille so I have a new engineer on board. He's a bit nervous having never flown with me into med-sec space. He better be good.

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