Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sad news

Was shocked to recieve news that our newest recruit and friend, Biggles had died. Can't believe it.

I came into Nadohman to check the stores and accounts when I noticed that the corp bank account had swelled up by an injection of isk. I checked, double-checked and triple-checked. I even contacted the Interstellar Bank and they confirmed that the deposit was an automatic transaction as part of an inheritance. I inheritance?

Indeed, it was from Biggles Inspace. As part of his will; part of his estate was liquidated into isk and passed onto his corp mates. Then the letter from Concord arrived explaining his demise.

I cancelled that morning's meetings and got into a shuttle and flew to the cloning station where Biggles had died, suspecting foul play.

Arriving in the system a couple hours later I met up with the duty manager and demanded the medical records for Biggles clone. I also checked the Police newsfeeds to see if there any pod kills in the last 24 hours.

I was determined to find out the truth.

After five hours of poring over records and manifests and police reports and medical records, the truth emerged and it stunned me. There was no foul play. No subterfuge. No con.

The truth is, Biggles was already dying. He had a degenerative DNA disorder that was killing him slowly. He knew this but kept on. It affected his clones and there was no known medical cure. Apparently, as his last act he made sure that his new corp mates would benefit from his years of hard work. That some of his estate would go towards achieving UAERO's dream of a POS.

I left late last night - clutching the evidence. I least I know the truth.

See ya Biggs mate. At least you won't lose another megathron now.

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