Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New Pilot

It is good that Biggles has joined us but I thought The Call was coming as well? Need to investigate the reason.

Been a quiet period for me - just mining enough minerals for the scorpion. Gamma tells me he needs more pyrites for the job. My god, does that guy eat this stuff? The kestrels and rifters are moving out of the UAERO dockyards quickly and generating a low but steady level of income for the corp.

Ralus has looked for a potential site for the POS and this is exciting, I have borrowed Jack's Ares interceptor so am eager to try this beasty out. Need to organise a scouting trip to this area soon.

Last night saw an old pilot get in touch with me - he heard about the loss of the Endeavour V and it was nice to catch up. Hope to see him soon around Nadohman. Right, going to check with Gamma on the progress of the scorpion build. He tells me that with his new crew and the dockyard equipment - that the shell of the Scorpion should be done very soon. I hope the damn thing sells.

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