Friday, April 29, 2005

T2 Components banned

Well, it would appear that the Empire corps have finally decided to stop all T2 components being dished out as rewards to Pod pilots. Damn, this means that the entire T2 market will be player driven - though there would be a substantial backlog of T2 components out there. However, this is a good move for the POS community but it will take the market time to adjust I think. We're producing Platinum and Polymers so we are at the bottom of the T2 foodchain but hell, it is a start. Ralus has already sold some of the simple reactions and is now touting the Platinum to would be buyers.

Am sure he will be successful - he's proven himself to be an able and capable pilot and corp mate as amply demonstrated in the entire managing of the POS: from the idea to throwing the 'ON' switch this week.

Well, have been doing some shuttle runs to the POS and all seems well. We will need to ice mine soon to top up the fuel reserves but this shouldn't be a problem if Lionsan and I can get to a decent ice field. We've already located several but transporting the damn ice would be the problem I think.

Anyway, we'll cross this bridge when we get to it.

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