Sunday, May 08, 2005

New location and new challenges

Discovering a rich source of heavy water and ozone has made our jobs easier but nitrogen isotopes still remain a problem for the corporation. Ralus appears to have made some contacts and established from trade contracts where excess heavy water and ozone we have is traded for the nitrogen isotope we need. Seems fair and helps the POS community out.

The attacks from those zombie monstrosities from True Power has made things a bit more difficult for us: I had to retrofit some older railguns and increase the armour to deal with the quick moving scum. However, the crews down at the new corporation office are in good spirits and are maintaining a high morale.

We are organising another ice mining trip close by so we hope to have some more ice then. I need to get myself up to be able to pilot the medium barges as soon as possible. Lionsan is doing most of the work himself. I can help with the procurer but its output is low compared to the Lionsan's.

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