Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Its good bye to an old friend and collegue, as Chadwick has joined an old friends new corp. Shame really as he is a competent pilot and a friend but c'est la vie. We gain Eryrin but lose Chadwick. Am sure that we will keep in touch and we may need to ask Chadwick to come and help us out some time.

Ice mining last night - am finally qualified for the medium barge. Had to pick up a different crew this time, a bunch of minmater miners. A bit rough (like the last lot) but bloody good. We mined plenty of ice and also introduced ourselves to some of our fellow ice miners also working in and around Modun.

There were rumours that a pirate was lurking around but sure TPOS will sort them out. Settling into the new ice mining region. Its a good place and quiet.

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