Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Lost the Endeavour VI today. My engineers had fitted in a new combined nav-computer and Friend or Foe identification system. So there we were hauling Ozone and Heavy Water back to Asoutar and it failed to pick up a couple of Sansha cruisers on my tail. First I knew were under attack was when the shields blinked off under a laser salvo. The next few seconds was spent scrambling into my pod...yes, yes - I know that a capsule pilot should never leave his pod during a flight but I do this to chat to the crew and wander around. Have done since the academy. However, the crucial seconds I was outside the pod proved fatal.It took a few seconds to synch with the increasingly strained hauler and when I was jacked in - things looked bad. Both engines had gone, the shield booster non-existent and the Sansha's were using more powerful lasers that drilled right through the armour, punching gaping holes in the hull. I ordered the abandon ship and punched out.

Most of my crew didn't make it as the Sansha cruiser then scooped up the life support capsules. God, what's to happen to my crew?

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