Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lots of Hauling

Ralus has had his OS interface in his capsule corrupted and he is busy getting this fixed. Hopefully no damage was done and I look forward to seeing him back in space. I took over the heavy water / ozone contract he was negotiating with a POS pilot called Huzzard. This has been sorted now and i need to get the required amounts to him by friday. This is the first contract of many so I hope it works out.

Eryrin has been getting the minerals for his thorax and he is now busy hauling this stuff to the corp factory. I look forward to seeing him in a new Gallente Thorax Cruiser. Best in its class in my view.

The autopilot insta-jumps has been great but I need to add more to them - especially from hub routes like Luromooh. This will take time but should be worth it when I get round to it.

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