Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Medium Mining Barge

Piloting the small mining barge is very, very different from the Battlecruiser - it is slow for one thing and even inside the capsule, the ship feels very - well, mechanical. Lots of clunking and clanking machinery. Still, ORE has done a fine job with the machine.

We ran an ice mining operation once more with Lionsan in his medium mining barge and Ralus running support in his Ferox. Eryrin, Jack and Chad were around doing their things and all was sweet. However, Sansha ships suddenly warped on top of me and their frigates started to strip the meager shields on the Procurer. Ralus was in the neighbouring system, cleaning it out and tried to get back but luckily, I had plotted an escape route into the nav comp but still, it got me down to armour very quickly.

I jumped out as did Lionsan just as the re-assuring sight of Ralus' Ferox blasted into view. We mined 50 units of ice - with me Medium mining barge qualified in four days - this should go up quite significantly.

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