Sunday, June 19, 2005

Going back to the Corp HQ

Going back to the corp HQ - Ralus and I met up near Osmeden as my agent had an interesting mission for me: looks like some Angel Cartel goons had moved too close to Fed Navy's forward base of operations and I was asked to go in and clear them. With my corp mate's help, I did just that - blasting through and taking out the Brigadier General at the end. I lost several drones though: i think their firmware upgrade has slowed down their responses somewhat and might need to roll this back to the previous version.

We are preparing to switch our Caldari Medium Tower to an Amarr one just to help us manage the logistics of the fuel consumption. Having a caldari tower in Amarr space just didn't work as there was no way we could get any nitrogen isotopes locally and had to travel all the way to the Galactic centre in Yulai to trade for it.

However, means we are now 20 jumps from a rich field of Dark Glitter over in Alparena so we'll start to encounter problems with Liquid Ozone and Heavy water soon. POS owners main problem isn't pirates but the logistics.

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