Monday, July 04, 2005

Ice Mining

Looks like things are stabilising in terms of Ice mining ops. We have a regular op on monday night to harvest about 100 units of ice. Most of the pilots do ice mining here and there during the week as well so the POS is well fuelled up. Don't know what to do with the corp money but an investment in a battleship blueprint (5-run BPC?) might be useful or the purchase of some top line mods for the pilots perhaps?

Been tinkering with the blasterax further still and I really need to get some nanofiber armour plates. The steel plates makes the ship to damn heavy. Went to OICX to do some testing and this worked ok. Managed to surprise a number of serpentis goons as they were transferring some illicit cargo. Blasted the crap out of them with medium antimatter rounds. Left dust and some biomass.

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