Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So I see that frieghters are now appearing on the market? Good luck to the first buyers as they will be paying a premium for them.

I have been testing a new Dominix battleship. Not quite used to a ship of this size but will get used to it. Needed to recruit more crew members from the Essence region but its got to the point where I can't wander around and say hi to the crew members anymore. I have a new XO in the dominix who insists I stay inside the POD whenever we have undocked.

Still, the Dominix is a versatile ship: not as aggressive looking as the Megathron but adequate for the tasks I envisage for it. Intend to take the Brutix back over to Nadohman as I need a capital class ship around the corp HQ. Intend to make it a rail gun platform and it should be handy around Asoutar.

Also have a couple of Blasteraxs too - love this cruiser.

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