Thursday, August 04, 2005

POS kill

Well, well, well. Recieved a burst transmission from our POS. Looks like it was under attack again from DJArachno, a pilot from Pingo Corp.

The POS was never under any danger but it was an irritant. Certainly, the skeleton crew we had stationed there objected to having missiles fired at it. So, a month ago - we secretly installed a warp scrambler unit so that any ship landing close to the POS had trouble warping out if it attacked us. This we did - a neat little unit from Duvolle Labs of all places.

A number of weeks passed and we didn't think more of it. Until yesterday morning. A hurried message from the POS that they were under attack but the automated defences were responding correctly and returning fire. Now, when an XL railgun turns its attention to you, one should get the hell out of there or face imminent scrappage. DJArachno turned up in a megathron class battleship, a lovely and mean ship in most respects but outgunned by our POS.

The presence of the scrambler was probably unknown to her as she fired at the POS, as she (mistakenly) thought she could warp out when it got too hot. Well, imagine her surprise when her warp engines refused to engage. She had to armour tank her way out but I doubt she was set up for this. So the POS ripped up her megathron.

The story gets funnier. Our crew watched in amazement as she came back in almost immediately in a hauler. No doubt to pick up her mods. The POS's automatic defences still recognised her from the previous attack and blew that from the sky as well. 2-0 to the POS.

I doubt she'll be back anytime soon. Unless it is in a dread.

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Luther Cixouss said...

Hi Votrian.

Nice little story. How's the corp running generally?

I'm sorely tempted to start my account up again.

Will be in touch if I do.