Monday, August 15, 2005

POS life

Well I have taken a break from running the POS and left it in the capable hands of Gamma to do it. Gamma has only recently got himself a Caldari Badger industrial and was eager to try it out. Have also secured a decent fuel contract with some ice miners around luromooh. They are selling helium isotope for around 350isk per unit. A couple hundred isk more competitive than the nearest rivals and they deliver too. A bonus really. I need to think about getting another ice mining barge and park it in Alparena as we really need more heavy water and liquid ozone. Our stockpiles are sufficient but I dont want to be complacent.

The hexite is selling in fits and starts: I had to drop the price down to 3300 isk per unit, under-cutting my nearest rival by about 700isk per unit. Got some buyers interested and I managed to shift about 7K worth of hexite the other day.

With Gamma doing most of the POS running I have taken up a long standing offer by some Fed Navy agents to help them clear out serpentis goons from around Osemeden. I have a secondary contract with Combined Harvest towards Intaki space to help them keep the local thugs at bay. In both, the Dominix and Blasterax have been kept busy though the thorax is a much more streamlined and effecient fighting machine. i am still trying to find my feet with the Dom and my crew has trouble adjusting from the usual cruiser setup to the battleship setup. No matter, time will tell.

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