Monday, November 28, 2005

Late post

I have lost the Dominix and then the brutix a few days later. Not happy. Most of the crew got away on both occasions but low-sec space is a wild place. We all knew the risks.

The POS has been closed down now due to the drop in Hexite prices, I had to do a firesale of the stockpiled hexite but it didnt get us much.

A few new members joined the corp - all good solid pilots. We even have two Amarr pilots now. They are all fitting in well and all busy getting battlecruiser qualified. I think they are focusing on the might ferox. A rig that I might be interested in as well.

So with the insurance money from the Dominix, i got ANOTHER brutix this time paying 22million. It was a recently used model, some scratches on it but it does the job.

Due to crew losses, am having trouble getting enough qualified crew for the Brutix, let alone the Dom. So am using the Enyo more and more. Lovely firepower/weight ratio. Really punches above its weight and I love it.

Need to head back down to Scolluzer for some more work with that Level IV agent. Guy has a tendency to wink at me and I find this very un-nerving.

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