Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Frigate contest

With the new members, it was decided that a get together was required to say hi and to run a tourney, just to test our mettle. All T1 frigates with T1 equipment and one named item only. It was fun, I was in a rifter and rigged for close combat and was the first one into the arena. I locked Kadrak and we started trading shots. Of course, at this time the rest of the corp turned up and it became a crazy free for all. I thought I had Kadrak but his NOS managed to drain enough of my cap so that the armour repper stopped working.

I blew up soon after.

The fighting skills of the corp pilots had improved a lot and it was Kadrak who emerged victorious. He won the 10million isk prize money.

The fight was recorded and will be available soon.

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