Thursday, June 15, 2006

TBB and the MC war

The last couple of months has seen a lot of turmoil with -MC- declaring and attacking The Big Blue. Unlike Alekotrophobe, MC did their job and TBB couldn't really stand up to the onslaught from the Galaxies number one Merc unit. Shame there isn't enough competition but maybe MC's actions can be the spark for other Merc units to appear?

There are many reasons being thrown about as to why MC attacked TBB but I strongly suspect it was to stop TBB and the capital ship yards it had developed. Someone (BoB or D2?) want the monopoly on this area and TBB could sell capital ships to anyone, thus upsetting the applecart.

See this post:

The contract was retracted after a week of intense warfare in which IPS space was locked down tight with -MC- shooting anyone not friendly to them in Oijanen and BWF-ZZ. Kinda crazy but I did zip around in Akora and fed intel back to TBB. I hoped it helped. Maybe.

Corp wise has been good - Mordred has joined us with Umpa Thomas and Maldus expressing interest. They have been in our public FTL channel for a while now.

But of course, with BWF-ZZ closed, we're been unable to go back in to mine however - the blockade should be lifted in a week or so and then we'll be guided in by Codex to the Dark Ochre and Hed rocks in the system. TFAce has been looking at T2 Frigate manufacture, possibly a lucrative market but difficult to get in and possibly, even more difficult to stay in unless we make them for ourselves.

There are also rumblings of more intense conflict between the Empires, I hope this doesn't affect our corp operations too much but we're essentially a low-sec/border based corp now.

So many things to keep in the air.

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