Friday, July 14, 2006

Geminate and the gate bubble

Been sitting in 0.0 now for a while, keeping an eye on Guristas' traffic and I have to admit - these guys are pretty consistent. BWF-ZZ has a camp on it, goons from SAS. After -MC- went through the place and trashed large chunks of it, I thought TBB would be given time to recover. I guess I was wrong.

So now, traffic is being diverted from the Oijanen gate to the Akkio gate and well - with bottlenecks and one way traffic, it sort of screams at 'Pirates - PLEASE CAMP ME!' and like flies around cow-pat [F-E] has come along (with friends) and decided that they should set up a camp there.

Anyways, I am ok as I am inside Geminate now and once through the gate and the bubble, one doesn't get too much trouble.

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