Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Max needed some help to get some spare parts from a Gurista complex so I jump cloned to Friggi and got into the vigilant. Max was in a Cerberus and provided cover for me as I went in to hack into the Gurista network.

The complex was thick with Guristas and a half a dozen or so other pilots. From the conversation in the local net it appeared that pilots were stealing from each other's hacked cans. I found this funny, since this sort of can stealing does not set off a flag.

Lionsan wanted to join us but the ancient acceleration gates were too small for his Drake BC to come so he reluctantly had to duck out. Instead, Roc came in and helped out using his T2-equipped Caracal.

The session was excellent but we had to warp out a few times as the spawns grew too quickly for us to manage.

A decent session and I also took delivery of an EOS and an ASTARTE.


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