Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fight Night!

Report on fight night:

TFAce and Votrian were the first two to rendevous at Reisen - Elias was asked by his agent to run a few missions while Mordred was en route with his 'special' ship.

The first contest was the standard 1 v 1 -> TFace in his tanked punisher versus Votrian in his trusty Incursus. Votrian joked that if he failed to break the armour tank he would set his frigate to 'ramming speed' and smack into his corp mate.

The venue can was still anchored and Votrian circled it. He was sure that, unlike last time - he had something for the Punisher. Since it was the first competition of the 2007; it wa decided to get to hull and to see how fast one could do it.

Votrian scanned the inky black sky around Reisen - his camera drones swinging around to search for the tell tale sign of a ship exiting warp.


A small blip around 20KM and the punisher screamed back into normal space, trailing multi-coloured plasma strands. Votrian immediately hit his targetting computer just a his tactical informed him that the Punisher was doing like wise. Both frigates locked at the same time and with a mental nudge, the incursus swung round and leapt as the afterburner kicked in.


Votrian checked his computer: Target locked.


Ammunition levels check.


Votrian opened up his 'surprise' - x2 webbers. The incursus's capacitor went down as the two devices started to consume power. It had the desired affect though: the Punisher was reduced to a pedestrian 15m/s and with the Incursus on full afterburner throttle - meant that the transversal was too high for the Punisher's laser to hit consistently.


The three light neutron blasters, loaded with antimatter ammunition spat out its load and Votrian grinned wolfishly as the punishers shields started to disappear. Once he was down to armour - the damage continued and Votrian grunted in satisfaction as the antimatter shells started to eat into the famed Punisher tank.

TFAce tried to compensate and armour repair as effeciently as possible but the damage output from the Incursus meant that the small armour repairer could not keep up.

Once into hull, Votrian stopped as agreed.

There was a lot of chatter as the two pilots compared notes. Votrian scored a wrecking shot of 118.3 - not bad from the little neutron blasters.

TFAce vowed to install a small armour repairer II soon.

The next round, TFAce came out with a kestrel - shield tanked of course. Votrian came out in his taranis - a tech II interceptor; well known for its hard hitting potential but could it survive long enough from the expected rain of missiles to crack the Caldari Frigate's shield tank?

TFAce engaged Votrian with no fanfare and peppered the tech II interceptor with EMP missiles, Votrian looked on in alarm as his shields dissappeared in 4 seconds. He hit the microwarp drive to close the distance but knew full well that for the next few seconds - the missiles would cause even more damage.

So it was, with the taranis into 75% armour - and the small armour repairer working furiously to patch the ever-widening holes in the alloyed armour.

Once Votrian got into range he let rip with his Tech II blasters and small nos. The Void ammo screamed towards the kestrel and flared off the shields in brilliant flashes. TFAce' shield tank was strong but his damage output had dropped due to the high velocity of the Interceptor.

The shield tank held for a few more seconds but it could not withstand the onslaught and it flared off and died. The next salvo shredded the armour on the kestrel and before Votrian could stop himself - the void ammo destroyed the kestrel in a spectacular pyrotechnic display.

++Myrmidon Arrives++

The next five minutes was spent comparing notes and setups and ideas. TFAce and Votrian both agreed to resurrect the Maila mission that was lost in the forum reshuffle last year.

Should be a good work out.

Mordred arrived in system and was eager to test out his shield tank on the impressive looking Mymidon battlecruiser.

Tface and Votrian agreed that it would be interesting to refit their ships to be flying guns with no shields, no armour - just weapons and damage enhancing modules.

The first set of ships was Votrian's Whitestar (Thorax cruiser) and TFAce's Omen.

The myrmidon sat at the rendevous spot - brooding and looking massive. It was ready and the testing began. Votrian got into optimal for his medium neutron blasters while the Omen was already firing its lasers - deadly lances of ruby red light stabbing out towards the Mymidon.

Once Votrian got close, he opened up with drones and medium blasters. A close eye wa kept on the shield status. After 2 minutes - it had gone down to 80%.

It leapt back up to almost 100% when both Tface and Votrian had to reload (TFace had a missile launcher as well).

A bit discouraged (or encouraged depending on who was the pilot) - Votrian and TFace both redocked and decided to come out in something even bigger.

Votrian undocked in his Brutix while TFace had his prophecy.

So the test began again - after, five minutes (and two complete reloads of ammunition) - the Myrmidon was at 70% shield and barely perturbed.

Right, TFace and Votrian both checked into the Pvp vent channel so as Mordred could not hear the conversation that went something like this:

"We need bigger ships!"
"Yah, with even bigger gun!"
"And a few nukes?"
"Good idea - where?"
"How about weasels?"
"Nah - that would be too much...."

Votrian and Tface both undocked: Votrian in a scorpion and Tface in his raven. It was then that Votrian realised that while he can fit the heavy missile launchers he could quite work out the firing sequences for the cruise all he had were x4 large hybrid railgun platforms.

TFAce however, had his battletested Raven packing cruise missiles.

The third test began - and this time Mordred decided to unleash his hounds (drones) at TFace. The WASP drones chewed eagerly on the shield, to the point where TFace asked him to with draw them....which Mordred duly did a he had made his point.

While Tface was doing a tremendous amount of damage - Votrian was doing less in his scorpion. So disgruntled he decided to get another ship. When he docked and after consulting with his weapons officer - Votrian decided to thrown on Tech II neutron blasters and fill his low slots with Tech 2 Magnetic Stabilisers.

No armour.

No afterburner.

Just focused firepower.

Votrian rejoined the fray and sank his teeth into it. The void ammo ripped through the shields and now there was a real likelhood that the shield tank could be broken. Mordred was a bit nervous as the reports from his two corp mates on his shield status was at odds with what he could see. While Votrian and TFAce stated that the shields were at 10% - Mordred could only see that he was at 75%.

This is NOT good.

Initial test, notice the shield readout for the Myrmidon and see the corp chat channel. THere's a discrepancy in the GUI it would seem....

Finally breaking the shield tank but notice Mordred and his commentary -

Once the shield had gone the 5K of armour was chewed off in less than 2 seconds...

After a ten minute post-op chat - we all docked and wrote up notes. A very enjoyable evening and it proves that even a Gallente shield can be a decent shield tanker. Votrian is very tempted to get one..........

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